Special Service Area

Special Service Areas (SSA) are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax within a designated area. The services provided through an SSA are in addition to those that are already provided through the City of Chicago.

Cooperative efforts are the key to success and many business owners are participating in activities that encourage an open exchange of ideas and concerns. Business owners join forces to unlock economies of scale and advertise their products and services while they are all sharing the cost. Monthly meetings are held in order to responsibly plan and manage the funds. Want to know more? Read our 2019 meeting minutes. And catch up on our 2018 and 2017 meeting minutes too. 

GSDC currently manages SSA 3 and SSA 59. View a map of SSA 59 and SSA 3 to see their boundaries. Take a look at the 2020 calendar of monthly SSA 3 and SSA 59 meetings. All meetings are open to the public.

Special Service Area 3
GSDC has managed SSA #3 for over 20 years. SSA-funded projects include public way maintenance, like waste or snow removal, and rebate programs for façade enhancement, new awnings, security systems and graffiti removal. Other programs include a designated security patrol team along 63rd Street and special events exclusively for business owners within the district, such as Holiday Celebration Month held every December. Read our Service Provider Agreement and our 2016 Audit Report.
View the list of SSA 3 Commissioners

Special Service Area 59
SSA 59 is managed by GSDC and an Advisory Board that is focused on unification of the district and security. Read our Service Provider Agreement and our 2016 Audit Report.
View the list of SSA 59 Commissioners

SSA Programs include:

View the current list of RFPs for SSA 3 and SSA 59.

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