Community Purchasing Pool

A Community Purchasing Pool program (CPP) is a collection of businesses, residences and organizations that come together to negotiate a cheaper, wholesale price. By creating a pool of high-volume consumers, GSDC is able to negotiate lower prices with alternative or existing service providers who are responsible for the delivery of electricity and credit card processing rates.  Our current partners include:

Payment Alliance: As a powerful partner in finding new, innovative ways to help businesses increase profits with every financial transaction, PAI is designed to give your businesses the best credit card processing rates.  With PAI you can open up new revenue streams for your business; find new customers for your business; expand the payment options your customers have available; and offer your customers all the financial services they have come to expect.

Integrity: Integrity offers a full suite of payment processing and business solutions, all under one roof. You don’t need to go anywhere else. Seamless integration with 100s of POS systems. Products that maximize cash flow, like Integrity’s EasyPay and AutoSave and state-of-the-art marketing analytics. We’re a one-stop shop. We have what you need. So what’s the benefit of choosing Integrity? Integrity controls the entire process in-house. We offer fast, flexible, and above all, friendly service. Real people ready to help. From expedited on-boarding to one-call issue resolution, our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Navigate Power: Navigate Power is an emerging energy and natural gas brokerage and consulting firm, founded in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to reduce our clients’ energy costs. Through Navigate Power’s core philosophy is our S3 Approach System—Security, Savings & Service—our clients experience first class service, and maximized savings.

Whether you’re a homeowner, small business owner or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we understand choosing and electricity or natural gas supplier and plan can be confusing and time consuming. We’re here for you—Navigate Power is comprised of experienced energy consultants with years of experience in helping companies, big and small, save on their electricity and natural gas budgets.

With a projected number of 400 participating commercial businesses, the Community Purchasing Pool is our way of helping to ease the cost of your monthly expenses. To find out more or for more information on how to sign up, contact Nick Kollias at or 7730-362-3371.  You can also visit and explore our website for further details.