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Recognizing that strengthening industry creates a vital community, GSDC launched its industrial division in 1995. Designated as a Local Industrial Retention Initiative (LIRI) agency by the City of Chicago, the industrial division responds to industrial business needs and area-wide concerns. As a LIRI agency, our operational costs are covered by specially earmarked tax revenue. This gives us the ability to provide high quality services at no cost to industrial business owners, including:

  • One-on-one consulting for strategic business planning that takes advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Technical assistance that assesses business needs and provides the right tools for succeeding in a dynamic environment.
  • Business workshops that focus on industry regulations and other relevant topics.
  • Streamlined access to low-cost industrial financing, bond programs and grants.
  • Resources and information from a reliable source that stays current with industry trends.

Greater Southwest Industrial Corridor
The Greater Southwest Industrial Corridor is one of the major employment centers on Chicago’s southwest side. It lies within Wards 13 and 18, in the community areas of West Lawn, Chicago Lawn, and Ashburn. The Corridor is home to more than 4,600 jobs with well-known manufacturers like Dart Company, Mondelez International, and Tootsie Roll Industries. In addition to its long history as one of Chicago’s manufacturing hubs, the area also benefits from its designation as a Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) and Tax Increment Financing District (TIF). And most recently, the area was designated as one of five Industrial Growth Zones (IGZ) throughout the City. These factors combine to provide a strategic advantage for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution firms

Greater Southwest Growth Zone
The Greater Southwest Growth Zone is part of the Industrial Growth Zones (IGZ) program, the City’s ongoing commitment to strengthen its industrial sector by attracting new businesses and supporting the ones that already call Chicago home.

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Program benefits include:

  • Information gathering for existing site conditions
  • Up to $130,000 in financial assistance for environmental assessments and remediation
  • Free site marketing to developers and companies
  • Streamlined development incentives
  • Expedited permitting, licensing, and inspections
  • Assistance with workforce hiring and training
  • Concierge services that provide a single point of-contact to assist with regulatory issues

Harlem Industrial Corridor
The Harlem Industrial Corridor received designation as a Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) in 2005. It lies within Ward 23 in the community of Clearing. The Corridor has a low vacancy rate and great access to transportation. It is home to 60 companies employing and over 1,500 jobs with well-known businesses like Hinkley Springs, Meade Electric, and Roy Houff Company. The area also benefits from its designation as the Harlem Industrial Park TIF. These designations, reinforced by the area’s demographic and geographic features, are attracting considerable interest from industrial users.

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